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BIYA – Seattle ft. G2 MV

BIYA – Seattle ft. G2 MV

BIYA just released the MV for her new single Seattle, featuring G2. While we do not know exactly who she is and what’s her background, we can definitely say we are deeply inlove with her voice. We just adore the Lo-Fi vibes and GCF style of video edit and the polyphonic piano play is outstanding with it’s complex and rich harmonies. The secret behind the use of piano in this single is that unlike other instruments, the piano leaves the voice free to sing along and get all the attention.
So, while we do not know so many things about BIYA, we do know that she started her solo career back in 2010, she’s an R&B/Urban singer, and she just released her first single Seattle as part of the album City of Dream Vol. 01.


Photo: mnet.com

BIYA’s partner in this song is the well known rapper G2. Signed-up to Hi-Lite Records, he featured many artists like Simon Dominic, Flowsik, Reddy, Sway D, Hash Swan, Boybi, Woo Taun and others. His part on Seattle single is really impressive combining perfectly with BIYA’s vibrant voice.

Let’s watch the video. English lyrics are below the video

A warm rainy day
Before I can sort out my morning feelings
Dressed up
down town Street
Let’s dress up today
I will appeal to other days than usual.
Among the meaningless troubles
You do not even have a secluded distance.
This feeling I feel you’ll see
I keep looking for you and I can not see you.
I sigh again with a steep sigh
Afternoon to welcome me home
In my eyes in my heart
Spending a leisurely time city night view
I`m in Seattle Down town street
It’s like blue sea waving next to me
I`m in Seattle Down town street
Night scene shining next to me
Reflections of our past
pouring down with the rain
I seem to wash you with rain.
Even if the cloud hangs on your head
I did not feel bad anyhow.
And I just wanna say
it’s never as bad as you think
When it rains,
It’s a good way to walk alone in the rain
No matter how I look, I do not have you here.
This feeling somehow today Harun why somehow Full of Blue Shit
The tall buildings are always empty.
To throw me off the streets
Empty time and meaningless walking
I wait for the tempo of sunset
But Nothing Different but nothing Special
Boy I`m still in the city
Boy make us in Seattle
Every day, this feeling
Make me cold again
I came back to see you again
Time in the city center
I`m in Seattle Down town street
It’s like blue sea waving next to me
in Seattle Down town street
Starlight shining next to me

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