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BTS breaks another record as IDOL MV hits 20 million views in no time!

BTS’s new album Love Yourself: Answer has arrived – and with it, the full video for IDOL!

Earlier this week Big Hit teased the video for the track and today at 10am BST/6pm KST on the button, the full video was released their YouTube channel.

And soon enought, this colorful MV became another record breaker as it has already been viewed 20 million times up till now!

“IDOL” is about loving and staying true to yourself no matter what others may say. In the colorful MV we can see the boys mixing Eastern and Western elements. They incorporate traditional Korean instruments with a modern hip-hop beat.

The same theme is reflected in the “Idol” track itself, which is a new song from the group’s repackaged album ‘Love Yourself: Answer‘.

Let’s check the MV below:

Nicki Minaj also gave the boys a shout out on Instagram. She also confirmed that a digital version featuring her will be released soon!

Stay tuned for the MV for BTS’ “Idol” featuring Nicki Minaj!

Until then, let’s enjoy the song!

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