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GOT7 released their third full-length album “Present: YOU”

GOT7 are back with their third full-length album “Present: YOU”

The album was released on 17 September at 6pm local time and soon after topped the charts in 25 countries, including Brazil, Finland, Hong Kong, Mexico and New Zealand.

The South Korean pop group dropped its third album Present: YOU along with the music video for the title song, “Lullaby” –  a rhythmical urban deep house track completed with a whimsical-yet-contemporary aesthetic as the members fall into dream-like scenarios.

GOT7 appeared on the K-pop scene in 2014 with their debut album “Got it?”. The band consists of four Korean members and three non-Korean members: Jackson from Hong Kong, BamBam from Thailand, and Mark from the United States.

Jackson Wang (왕가이)
Im Jae Bum (임재범)- JB
Kunpimook Bhuwakul - Bambam
Mark Yi En Tuan (마크이엔투안)
Choi Young-jae (최영재)
Park Jin Young (박진영)
Kim Yugyeom
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The seven members – Jackson, BamBam, Youngjae, Jinyoung, Yugyeom, JB and Mark – each produced their own songs in this album : Made ItPartyNobody KnowsMy YouthFineSunrise and OMW (On My Way)  including the lead song Lullaby –  respectively to showcase their individual personalities and musical philosophies.

Most tracks are about youth, self-reflection and love.

Aside from the Korean version of the title track, the album will also feature Chinese, English, and Spanish versions of “Lullaby”.

The Reason Behind Releasing “Lullaby” In Four Languages

In a press conference held in Seoul on September 17, Got7 members talked about their new album, solo tracks, growth, as well as, the reason behind the decision to come out with four versions of the title track in different languages.

“We decided to record our title track in four languages because we want to communicate better with our international fans and reach out to a wider audience,” Jinyoung said during the press conference.

“The world tour made us feel the love and support of our fans across the globe.”

When asked about the most difficult language to record in, JB said, “Spanish was hard because even English verses had to be changed to Spanish. We constantly had to check our pronunciation.”

Their song Lullaby is an urban deep house track with dreamy sync sounds. “The song is about the sweet feeling of love as the lyrics say ‘all you say comes to me as a lullaby’,” JB said.

“I think we’ve gained more confidence over the last five years building our musical career. Since the new album includes self-produced music, we believe we could act as mature artists,” BamBam said.

“We feel blessed for being recognised and loved in countries and regions we’ve never visited. We are proud to be part of a K-pop band and hope we can promote K-pop better,” Yugyeom added.

“Lullaby” is another excellent addition to GOT7’s already solid discography.

Present: YOU is the love child of competing interests. While “Lullaby” is the centerpiece, Present: YOU also contains some solid b-side moments.

“Sunrise,” leader JB’s self-composed solo, is the kind of slow-burn R&B that tells the story of a brooding romance.

The album’s solo section ends on a foreboding note with Yugyeom’s self-composed “Fine.” Horror meets swag as his speak-singing drones against a warped piano sample. It’s hard to tell if the song’s unsettling sound acts as dissonance or tonal enhancement for the desirous lyrics, but that ambiguity is the song’s main strength.

The self-composed solo songs exist in bullet points. They’re not in conversation with each other because they’re meant to highlight the individual colors of the seven members.

The album is a bricolage of disparate moods and genres – which leads to jarring moments like the transition from the trap of Jackson’s “Made It”:

To the soft-rock anthem of Jinyoung’s “My Youth”:

And in the end we have a self-affirmation anthem “I Am Me”:

As a final note, we believe that the album inhabits the midpoint between art and fanservice, or as JYP Entertainment said, “The new album carries a meaning that the best present of the life of GOT7 is you, the fans.”

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