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Jessi – behind the scenes with #legend

Jessi (Jessica Hyun-ju Ho) the 29-years-old Korean-American rapper is indeed a #legend. The Queen, The Goddess or whatever her jebbies are calling her, we are certain that her personality is larger than life itself, and the versatility she exhibits in her music is second to none.

From singing ballads to spitting bars, she can make you cry and laugh, lay down or jump up dancing. More often than not, she is stigmatized by many felow korean artists for the way she talks, the way she looks, the way she dresses or the way she acts.

She is definitely not your common korean k-pop girl, and we think that is thanks to New Jersey’s influence and the cultural diversity she was born and raised into. And we have to be thankful for that.
Jessi’s a nonconformist, she’s eccentric, she does not obey to traditions (at least not as much as others) and we love her for that; tho we would love to see her wearing a Hanbok anytime!
Coming back to the #legend, HashtagLegend magazine released these days a digital exclusive in which Jessi talk Korea, New Jersey and her passions, in a funny and delightful behind the scenes video. Also as part of the digital exclusive, #legend trated us with some really hot and sexy photos of Jessi, leaving us breathless, but not before sharing them with you.

The video digital exclusive is short, but we get a glimpse of Jessi’s thoughts as #legend asks her several questions. She confirms being born in NY and raised in Jersey and she even goes a bit melancholic while speaking about Pauly D. She debuted in South Korea in 2005 with her single album “Get Up”.

A couple of years later she was part of Unpretty Rapstar where she won the second place. After that she made several appearances in various Korean variety shows and worked on many new songs that we enjoy to listen anytime.

“I was born in New York and raised in Jersey. It was actually not that bad, you know. There’s a lot of Koreans. I’m not gonna lie, I love me some Pauly D”

Next, the reporter asks her what was her New Year’s resolution, to which she answered that she wants to get healthy and to start going to the gym and that everything she wished for is going on pretty good.
When asked what makes her smile, Jessi paused a split second to think about it while obviously being put in a bit of difficulty, after which she replied that what makes her smile are definitely her fans, DEFINITELY her JEBBIES !!
She then sang a verse of her song “Arrived” which is part of the “UN2VERSE” album as the reporter asked her to name her favorite song. Below you can also watch and listen the music visual of Arrived.

Continuing the interview, we learn that Jessi’s inspiration to become a singer was Britney Spears. Only 12 – 13 years old, Jessi wanted to be just like Britney, to become a pop star. Well, if you want and desire something with all your heart it’s eventually becoming real, just as it did for Jessi.
As we approach the final of this “behind the scenes” exclusive, Jessi is being asked what kind of message she wants to send across to her fans. And as expected, she delivers exactly what we think is defining her; the recommendation to be ourselves, to love ourselves, f**k everybody, have fun and do whatever we want. Afterall, we have only one life isn’t it?

제시, 우리는 너를 너무 사랑해!

Watch the digital exclusive below:

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