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John Legend X 웬디 (WENDY) ‘Written In The Stars’ MV

SM STATION released the MV for the collaboration between Red Velvet’s 웬디 (Wendy) and John Legend on 19 October!

The fifth release for STATION X 0, a project by SM STATION and SKT culture brand that brings together a strong lineup of musical collaborations.

“Written in the Stars” is an R&B and ballad track that uses a smooth guitar sound to join the two vocalists’ tones.

The lyrics talk about a couple remaining the same even if time passes or they are a distance away, as they are written in the stars.

With strong vocals and a clear acoustic guitar in the background, many can’t help but say what a beautiful ballad.

The music video was filmed in a Californian desert.It features the pair as lovers trying to get close with one another but tip-toeing around their feelings.

Wendy opened up about what it was like working with John Legend on the song in a press release shared with Elite Daily. “I have been such a fan of John’s work for a long time, so to collaborate with him on this project was a dream,” said Wendy. Adding, “Everything John does, he approaches with excellence.”

Wendy even revealed that she was a ball of nerves filming the video with Legend: “I remember being so nervous throughout the whole shoot,” she shared in an interview Billboard. “Like, I was frozen and couldn’t speak — it was just a dream come true.”

Watch the music video for Wendy and John Legend’s “Written In The Stars” below:

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