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Key has finally unveiled his own work with his title track; “Forever Yours” along with his upcoming album!

He did prove his worth previously with his Fashion Week debut, “Chemicals” and his collaboration remix with Years & Years earlier this year.

Now he has stepped into the spotlight with a catchy house track featuring SISTAR member and solo artist, Soyou.

“Forever Yours” is an R&B song full of refreshing vibes inspired from the Tropical House genre.

The song is about the exciting and romantic emotions that a couple who are deeply in love feel towards one another.

We have been charmed by the perfect chemistry between Key’s attractive voice and Soyou’s sweet vocals!

In true SHINee fashion, the music video is all about the cinematography. Dream-like filters, retro style CGI and a little cheeky nod to pop culture is laced throughout the video.

The story is very minimal overall which is almost expected from Key.

The track itself is front and center so it can fall in perfectly with the music video’s visual delights which melts both retro and futuristic styles together.

Aside from the visual equalizer made by the graphics, Key does get his time to shine with his own 90s style and is clearly having fun showing the various sides that fans have grown to love.

We certainly cannot wait to hear more from Key this month!

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