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Sunmi finally gives us a “Warning”!

After topping charts as a solo artist with Gashina and Heroine, Sunmi comes back with a new album called “Warning”, for which she’s also a writer.


Sunmi (이선미 / Lee Sun-mi) debuted in 2007 as a members of “Wonder Girls” but left the group in 2010 in order to focus all her attention on her academic career.

3 years later, aftermissing from the music scene, Sunmi comes back as a solo artist in 2013 with her first digital single “24 Hours”.



During 2015, she returned with “Wonder Girls” on the scene, however, the group got disbanded later in 2017 after Sunmi’s and Yeeun’s contract with JYP Entertainment expired.
In March 2017, she signed with MakeUs Entertainment, and from there we started getting hit after hit from Sunmi.

Gashina held number one in Gaon Digital Chart in Korea and number three in US World Digital Song Sales while 2018’s Heroine debuted at number six on the Gaon Digital chart, rising to number two in it’s second week.

Sunmi’s “Warning” showcase

Sunmi held the “Warning”mini album showcase in Samsung Hall at Ehwa Womens’ University on September 4 2018.

She put a lot of effort in the making of “Warning” as she confessed, but she had some really strong support from her company:

“I’ve got a lot of work to do on my own. Since I have to pay attention to everything from my album to my clothes, I’ve been overwhelmed. So my company made a production hq and a team that helped me with my music being made. When I submit an idea to the board of the company, the production office develops it. I think there is a clash between our tastes and the public’s tastes. The production division accepts opinions and I don’t want to miss the public’s popularity part.”

Album’s highlight song “Siren” was released at 6 p.m. KST along with 5 other new songs “ADDICT,” “Black Pearl,” “Secret Tape,” & “Curve” and previous singles “GASHINA” and “HEROINE.”
So, judging by Sunmi’s latest performance, we expect nothing less than amazing from “Warning” album, mainly from the album’s title track “Siren” for which you can listen and see the MV below.

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